Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knoxie's head before and after

You might have noticed Knox's helmet disappeared a few months ago. The doctor didn't give us the okay to quit wearing it, in fact, we haven't even gone back to the doctor... I missed an appointment and never called to make another one. So I guess I made the executive decision to be done with the helmet. I think his head looks better. Maybe not 100% round but once he has hair I think it will be fine! I forget he even wore it now! Was the helmet worth it? I think so. Would his head have rounded out on it's own? Maybe. It was definitely a pain sometimes but he didn't mind it as much as I did! I honestly think the worst part was taking him to Little Rock once a month for his check ups. I guess now he can shave his head when he is older if he ever feels like it!

These are the before pictures.. He started the helmet in November if I remember correctly!

And after...I think he quit wearing it around the end of February. So he wore the helmet for almost four months.

Knoxie I love your new head!

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