Monday, April 23, 2012

Em's Party!

Em's party was a few months ago but I never got around to posting pictures! I kept waiting on Caroline's pictures from her good camera! I guess my fuzzy cell phone pictures will have to do! The party was at the Greer's house and it was so much fun! Caroline and Jenny catered the party and the food was delicious! If you are looking for a caterer give them a call!

The theme for the party was "Love is in Bloom" The cupcakes were perfect!
Jenny and Carol hard at work!

I can't take credit for much, I think I made one black and white tissue paper flower! Morgan did all of the decorations and they were really cute!
She made moss covered initials for the happy couple!
Allison made the invitations and they were of course so cute! I wish I had a better picture of them!
She made the little menu cards too!

The Julep catering team!
These were our "Love Potion" drinks. They had a little of everything in them! A little Kool Aid, vodka, champagne, lemonade, cranberry.. Basically whatever we could find in Sarah's pantry!
The bride and Hostesses!
The yummy food!

It was such a fun party and a great way to kick off Emily and Matt's wedding festivities!

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Emily! said...

Yay, thanks for the pictures! Tell Caroline to send me the professional shots too!