Thursday, April 19, 2012

Knox Andrew Elliott

This is my first ultrasound and when I realized I had three little babies in my tummy!
Welcome to the world Knox Andrew!
You seemed so big compared to your brother and sister!
As soon as you came out Dr P said, "This one looks like his mommy!"
Your dad couldn't wait to hold you! I couldn't either! I kept asking them to hurry up so I could get out of the operating room so I could hold you!
This was the first picture I took of you!
This was the first time I got to hold you! You were probably eight hours old!
My sweet boy!

Our first family picture!
Hi Knox!
I love your big brown eyes! They were still blue when I took this picture but they were very dark blue!
Sweet yawn!
This was the first time you took a bath! You got to be unhooked from all of the wires! Look how skinny you were!
This is what you thought about your bath. You were not a fan!
I love this picture! Look at your skinny little legs and tiny little booty!
This was the first time you got to wear your own clothes! This was one of the first preemie outfits I bought you and it swallowed you!
I loved the dinosaur on your booty!
Snuggling Carol
You got to go home after 10 days in the nicu! Your brother and sister had to stay one more day! We hated to leave Ava and Brooks but we couldn't wait to get you home!
Your only night as an only child!
Family picture time!
One month old!
Your first baseball game!
You all slept the entire time!
My little cutie!
Two months old and not happy!
This is one of my 4D ultrasound pics of you!
I love this picture! You all look so cozy!
Sweet Ava and you!

My little sailor showing me your muscles!
Your first fourth of July!

Just hanging out watching tv.

Three months!
Four months!
Such big eyes!

Snuggling with Coco!
Pool Party!

Hi Knox!
This is one of the first times you sucked your thumb! You haven't stopped since!
My little Hog fans!

Your first road trip! I took this while we were stopped at a rest stop! I was sure we were all going to get kidnapped!
Just hanging out!
Five months!
Your Christening!
Such a big boy! You never cried!
Your first trip to the pumpkin patch!
Six months!
Your first Halloween and your surprised face!
Naked snuggles!
The three little pigs!
Your helmet!
You love your daddy Knoxie!
My big boy!
Your first Thanksgiving!
Seven months!
Six month pictures!

Your first Christmas! This was Christmas Eve and you were so excited about Santa!

Bath Time!
My little man!
My little men!
Family pic!
I love this picture of you! You were showing off your first tattoo!
Baseball fun with your dad!
You love to swing! The higher the better !
You are very passionate about sports and your Hogs! ha
Nine months!
Knox, you love Ribby!
Ten months!
I love this picture of you Knox. This is so you!
This one is pretty cute too!
My Easter baby!
This is the first time you had cake! You loved it!

Pool time!
Easter morning!

Oh Knoxie, my sweet baby Knox. Even though you were born two minutes after my oldest child you will always be my baby! You are the sweetest, most fun loving guy! You have a good time no matter what! Even when you get in a little trouble you just laugh about it and move on! You are always busy! You always have something to do or somewhere to be! I have to say you entertain yourself the best. You make everything you do just seem like so much fun! I know things might change but right now you are the leader of the pack! The only time I can catch up with you to snuggle is when you are really sleepy! Then you like your mommy and your thumb. You only pull the thumb out when you are tired! Your daddy says all of the time, "This boy loves his mamma!" And it's true! You get pretty excited to see me! You love your dad too! I think you know that you get to go on runs and wagon rides with him a lot! You really do have the kindest little heart! I can tell you get very concerned when another baby is crying! You love your brother and sister so much! I hope you all realize how lucky you are to have each other! You laugh all of the time and you still growl like a little monster! You love when I growl back! You also have a cute little dance you do when music is playing! You don't watch tv as much as your brother and sister but I think that's because you are too busy playing! Ava is the talker of the bunch but you can get pretty vocal too! Your voice is pretty funny! You are my best eater! You love food! I don't think we have found a food that you don't like! I also don't think I have ever filled your tummy up! I usually just get tired of feeding you and give up! Knox we love you so much and can't imagine what our lives would be like without you funny boy! Happy first birthday Knoxie!

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