Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Such a Boy

Brandon is such a boy. There are so many things he just doesn't get. Lately this has become very apparent... These are just a few of the conversations we have had lately.

B- "Ava doesn't need mink coats and leopard cowboy boots (Umm what?)" "Can't we just rent their clothes?" This is after I came home with a few shopping bags for A.

A few nights ago I was applying a little Latisse to my eyelashes and B asked what I was doing. I told him that Latisse makes them thicker/longer. His response, "Oh, it's fertilizer?"

One day I was talking to Ava and jokingly said, "Mommy doesn't know how to put makeup on blue eyes." B said, "That's okay, we can just get her a facial." I guess he meant makeover?!

For my birthday Brandon got me a gift certificate to have someone come over and organize my closet and put outfits together, etc. He obviously had a little help with this gift from my mom! I'm so excited about it but he is so confused about the process. The other day he said, "I mean, isn't that what Maria does when she comes?" First of all, Maria was our cleaning lady two years ago. She hasn't been to our house in that long... She cleaned our toilets and put up clean clothes and occasionally would move his winter clothes to the back of the closet during the summer and vice versa. She was our maid, not a stylist. Oh and B, our cleaning lady's name is Letty. Please don't call her Maria.

He also mentioned the dollar bill above the knee rule one day when I was getting Ava dressed. Are you kidding me??! She's not even one! Between B and her brothers Ava is going to be kept on a short leash! Poor thing!

And I wish I could remember the tirade he went on the other day when I mentioned I was signing the babies up for swimming lessons! ha It was something along the lines of, "That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of! They can't even walk and you think they are going to learn to swim?" "How much is this going to cost? I can teach them myself! Etc, etc, etc."

I guess B is just a typical boy but I love him just the way he is! ha I think we do a good job of balancing each other out! I remember in our premarital counseling we scored the highest on finances and family. It must be because I like to spend and he's a cheapo!

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RIngraham said...

Hah! Care and I just talked about swimming lessons the other day!
... and apparently sided with Brandon. But whatever, swimming lessons will be fun!