Monday, April 16, 2012

It's officially birthday week. I really can't believe it! Where has the last year gone?? I'm hoping I will be too busy this week to think about how old the babies are! I think this plan might work since I haven't even ordered their birthday cakes... I don't really have time to get sad! I have a lot to do before Saturday!

It really seems like I was just pregnant. They can't be about to turn one! I ran into someone yesterday and he said (obviously a he because a girl would never say this), "Oh my gosh the last time I saw you, you were huge!" He held out his hands to his sides! ha I just laughed because I was! I was as big as a house. He continued on to say that at the time, he thought I might fall over at any minute! ha I miss those days! Yes, I was gigantic but I loved feeling them move around! I loved imagining what they would look like! I've got to quit or I'm going to start crying! ha

I got lots of advice before I had the babies, as all pregnant women do. Some of it I rolled my eyes at and some I really listened to! When the babies were in the nicu a nurse told me she was a twin and she loved it but she hated sharing a birthday! She told me to always make sure each kid had their own cake! Even though I was in a pain pill fog I can still remember this! I know the babies don't really know what's going on this year but I liked the idea of them each having a special day just for them leading up to their birthday. I'm such a procrastinator and haven't planned one thing for these special days but that is on my to-do list for tonight! ha I also thought I would dedicate a post to each baby this week. I of course started with Ava because she was my first baby and girls should always be first right? I went through all of my pictures to pick my favorites for her post. 80 pictures and four hours later I was done with Ava's post. It was way more work than I anticipated. It would have been impossible to only pick a few pictures of my sweet girl! I really wanted to give up and not do a post for Brooks and Knox but since I had already finished Ava's I couldn't leave the boys out! All I know is they better appreciate their blog books one day (if I ever get around to printing them)! So tomorrow get ready for picture overload!

Another multiples mom told me that the first year would be a blur. Does that mean my life will slow down after Friday? ha It definitely has been a blur but I have enjoyed every single second of it! Even the long nights! I definitely don't think I could have made it through this year without the help of so many people! I think I might have to do a separate blog post to thank everyone though! The list is just too long!

Happy Birthday week babies! Love you!

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