Friday, April 27, 2012

Catch up

Now that the birthday party is over it is catch up time!   I'm taking one week to relax and have a little vaca and then it's time to get busy and cross things off my to-do list (which is getting longer and longer every day!) I want to enjoy my summer and relax.. Not feel like I'm behind!  I'm not sure if I will ever be 100% caught up on everything but if I could just complete a few things I would feel so much better!  I have been trying really hard to simplify my life lately!  The easier things are the more time I have to spend with my babies!  I got my hair chemically straightened so I don't have to spend thirty minutes blowing it straight, I am getting my closet organized so getting ready will be easier, I some how talked my cleaning lady into dropping her price drastically so now she can come every week instead of every other, etc.  Just little things like that!  

Now for my to-do list.  I'm hoping if I write it here it will hold me accountable and I will get it done!  I think I need a deadline too!  Memorial day always feels like the official start of summer to me so I think that will be my due date!  Wish me luck! 

1. Finish Ava's room.  She's over a year old... It's definitely time for this girl to have a nursery! I still need to order pictures for her gallery wall over her bed, have a bumper pad made, make pillows for her couch, and finish her ottoman.  

2. Finish the boys room.  I still need to paint one wall and print and hang pictures of the boys, oh and hang two new mounted animals (not real animals). 

3. Organize the babies clothes and sell them.  Our neighborhood is having a garage sell on May 5th so I would love to have it all organized by then but I don't know if that will happen!  I have a ton of clothes to sell!  The closet under our stairs is overflowing with baby clothes!  I need to clean it out too! They are growing too fast! 

4. Fill out their baby books.  Every single page is blank.  Once again, they are over a year, it is time! 

5. Make photo albums of their first year.  I would love for each of them to have their own book with pictures of themselves.  

6. I also want to make a photo album of pictures from their first birthday.  I'm hoping this will be easy! 

7. Turn this blog into a book.  That has been the purpose of this thing all along.  I need to get it done sooner rather than later!  

8.  Finish my yard! I need to plant flowers, repaint pots, etc.  

I also have several other smaller goals that I would love to accomplish like working out more (Caroline and Brandon are leaving me in the dust!  They run every night!), updating the blog.  I still haven't posted Easter pictures, pulling my sewing machine out of the box and practicing, and cooking more (I can't remember the last time I made dinner!).  Another thing I would like to work on is taking the babies out more.  They need to get out of the house more than they are!  Now that we have a swing set in the back yard I don't feel like I need to take them to the park all of the time!  Maybe I will become a mall walker! 


Julee said...

Let me know when you sell Ava's clothes bc if any will fit P, I want to come look! :)

In this wonderful life... said...

I'm pretty awful about baby books, too! Oh, and blog book..NEED to do that, too. It's going to take a freaking year to put it together since I've put it off for so long :/ I wonder if I can hire someone to do that.