Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday B/Daddy!

B had a birthday on Sunday! He is 33! He is not excited about being in his mid thirties! ha I left Hot Springs early so I could get back to celebrate his big day! I actually beat him home because he woke up bright and early and went on a forty mile bike ride down Hwy 71! I don't know what has gotten into this boy! That does not sound like a fun way to spend a birthday! It sounds like hard work! He said he almost died twice on the ride! ha

His friend sent me a pic of B on the ride! Such a pretty view!
I kind of dropped the ball and didn't have much of a celebration planned but Gigi pulled through for me! She cooked B one of his favorite meals and got him a cake!
After he opened his gifts we let the babies taste his cake! They loved it of course!
Knox kept looking at me like, "Can I really eat this?"
It took a little while before Brooks would taste the cake but once he did he scarfed it down!
He was a happy boy!

Ava liked it too!
I think the entire piece of cake was in her cheeks at this point!
Knox had blue icing everywhere! In his hair, up his nose!
B and his babies on his 33rd birthday!
I think he had a pretty good day! He got to ride his bike, hang out with his family, and eat a little cake too! Happy Birthday B! We love you!

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