Thursday, April 26, 2012

Important Dates!

March 19th-Brooks played catch with me!

March 25th-Ava and Brooks went swimming for the first time! Neither one of them made it in the pool last year! Knox only took a quick dip. I think we are all going to be shriveled prunes this summer!

March 27th-Brooks' 6th tooth came in! It was the upper right tooth.

March 28th-Brooks stood up by himself for the first time! I think he stood for about a minute! Yahh Brooksy!

April 9th-Ava held her bottle by herself and drank the entire thing. Yes, my kids are super spoiled and won't hold their own bottles! Real convenient for me! I guess now Ava is Miss Independent. She even did a little showing off and held it with one hand!

April 10th- Ava stood up by herself! I let go and she stood by herself for a few minutes! I yelled for Jennifer to look and when I did it scared Ava, she fell, and she hasn't stood alone since! She might be crawling to Kindergarten! ha

April 13th-Ava learned the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider and learned how to blow kisses! All thanks to my mom's friend Betsy! She taught her both things in about five minutes and I've been working on them for weeks! I can't wait to see what they learn in mothers day out next year!

-I can't remember what day this happened but a few weeks ago Brandon was working late and Knox woke up crying. I put him in bed with me and pretended to be asleep so he would go to sleep. While my eyes were closed my precious baby kissed me! He is such a little lover boy! It was the sweetest kiss ever! He loves to snuggle too! When B came home he didn't realize Knox was in our bed and got in, which scared Knox to death and he woke up screaming his little head off! ha

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