Monday, April 9, 2012

Our first real pool party of the summer! (I guess it's really spring)

This week we finally put water in the baby pool! I filled it with a water hose and then brought pitchers of hot water from the kitchen to fill it up (I deserve a good mommy award for this day) Although, this was a day when I thought "Wow, it would be so much easier with just one baby!ha" I made twenty trips in and out of the house. I had to fill the pool with warm water, bring pool toys out, get sunscreen, bring sippy cups. Then I woke the babies up from their nap and had to get them ready to go out! I was literally out of breath by the time we were all in the pool.. I forgot swim diapers.. Thank goodness there weren't any accidents...

I guess it was all worth it because the babies loved the pool and I got my new favorite picture of Ava!
This princess didn't even have to get out of the pool to eat!
The cutest plumber booty ever!
My princess
I got a little wild with the sunscreen!
Just laying out with mommy!
I brought a magazine out to the baby pool with me. After 5 minutes I realized that was a joke! They didn't stop. They were diving out of the pool and then back in. They were eating leaves, grass, pool water. I'm not sure how relaxing this summer will be!

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