Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The first family bike ride.

Our first family bike ride was a complete disaster! It was so bad that Caroline looked at me and said, "At least this will make a good blog post!" Brandon was so hyped up about this day. He was finally getting to use the bike trailer..

This all went down last Sunday. B started his day with a 25 mile ride down 71 on his new bike. That probably wasn't the best idea. He came home and spent about 2 hours loading 4 bikes, two bike trailers, a million helmets, sippy cups, water bottles, fitting the babies' new helmets, etc. Oh and he had to air up all of the tires and make sure the bikes were ready. It was hot and did not look like a fun job! To say he was tired and cranky would be an understatement...We finally arrived at the entrance to the trail and unloaded everything. That's when we realized we were missing two baby helmets. B had to go back to the house to get the helmets. By the time he got back 20 minutes later the babies were hot and mad about being strapped in the trailers. They were going absolutely crazy! Screaming their heads off. Then we tried to strap on the helmets that they hate and it got even worse. We thought maybe they would calm down once we started riding. Not the case. We literally rode 30 feet and turned around and came back to the truck. We loaded up all of the gear and headed home... It could not have gone any worse! ha

Hopefully the next time we try we will have a better experience!

The gear...
Notice we are still smiling in this picture. At this point we hadn't realized the helmets were MIA and the babies were still smiling!

The beginning of the end...
Knox in the helmet he hated. I think we should have pulled out his old white helmet instead! I will say I feel so sorry for kids that have to wear those helmets in the summer months. I can't even imagine!

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