Monday, October 1, 2012

15 Month Appt.

This is so late and it's not exactly finished but I thought I better post it before they are eighteen months! 

Eat-Our grocery bill is out of control.  I can't figure out how they can cram so much food into their little bodies! They are all good eaters!  I really think peer pressure gets them every time!  If they see the other one eat something then they eat it!  For breakfast they usually eat little mini omelets with toast or oatmeal.  Lunch is usually a free for all.  I just give them whatever I have!  I have to admit that I haven't cooked dinner in a long time so Gigi usually comes through on that one or they just eat veggies and simple stuff!  They love green beans, hummus, strawberries, goldfish, ham, turkey, salmon, and broccoli! They take a cup of milk with their breakfast and before they go to bed other than that it's just water! Ava loves to dip!  She likes ketchup, ranch, hummus, really anything!  It's pretty funny! Knox is my best eater, then Ava, and lastly Brooks.  Brooks doesn't always like to eat! He would much rather drink milk.

Sleep-They are the best little sleepers!  They go to bed at 7:15 and usually wake up at 8:30 or 9.  They take a nap from 12:30-3:30.  Thank like to sleep like their mommy!

Tricks-I think tricks should now be called words since they can all walk now!  I think they are talking so much more now.  For the most part they can all say, Momma, Dada, Gigi, Coco, Layla, No, Ball, Bye, Hi, Thank you.  Ava says "What's that", Go, up, Ava has said a two word phrase, "Hi Daddy" and Knox has said, "Hi daddy."  Brooks probably talks the most but we just can't understand what he is saying!  They all give high fives and play peek a boo.  They can climb on everything!  Especially Knox!  Ava turns the lights off and on.  They pretend to read books.  They love to ride their horses and know how to pull their ear to make them neigh!  They dance a lot and they can all call the Hogs!  Brooks is the best! It's so funny when he does it!  Brooks does ring around the rosie and falls down.  They can all turn the tv on and off and usually turn the channels! That trick is kind of annoying!  Brooks escapes all of the time!  We have to keep all of the doors locked so he won't go outside!  We also had to put a lock on the pantry because they all can open the door and get snacks out!  Knox put on his own shoe last week too! Ava loves to put on lotion!  She knows to rub it on her tummy! They are all practicing eating with a spoon and fork.  Knox and Ava are pretty good at it!  Brooks would rather be fed.  They can all climb up the stairs to their rooms for nap time and bed time.  They've all gotten a lot better at throwing their balls!  Brooks loves to play golf and carries his plastic club around with him everywhere and hits every ball he can find!  Knox and Ava love to push things around the house.  Baby strollers, end tables, chairs, etc,  They love looking out of the window and messing up my blinds!  Knox still loves to clean.  If I put a wipe in his hand he goes to town and will wipe the whole living room down!  Ava loves to wear a bucket on her head as a hat.  Knox has started wearing one too!  They both think it's so funny!  Gigi bought Ava a little purse and she loves to carry it around and put her bracelets and sunglasses in it!  She loves to wear sunglasses!  I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of things but this is all I can think of right now! 

Bath-The babies still love their bath and they still take it together!  They think it's hilarious to splash me now, drink out of the faucet, and look at their reflection in the drain!  I usually try to give them their bath at night after dinner!  Meal time just keeps getting messier and messier! 

Clothes-The boys wear a size 6 shoe and 18-24 month clothes.  They can wear 24 month or 2t shirts and some 12 month pants!  They are still pretty long and skinny!  I try to buy slim fitting elastic waist pants so they don't look so baggy!  Ava wears a size 5 shoe and 12-18 month clothes.  She is still pretty little so she can really wear anywhere from a 12 month to 24 month!  I think the dress she took her school pictures in was a 3-6 month!!!! 

Looks-I guess the blue eyes are here to stay!  Brooks still has big blue eyes and red curly hair!  I am never going to be able to cut his little curls!  They are so cute!  He has big lips, huge hands and skinny little legs!  He's the tallest of the three for sure!  Knox still has big brown eyes, lots of very straight dark hair and skinny long legs too!  He seems to have a bigger tummy than the other two!  Especially after he eats!  Ava still has pretty, bright blue eyes, and dark skin.  I think her hair is getting lighter and lighter!  I really thought it would be dark!  She is such a little mini!  She can put away some food!  B and I can't understand where she puts it though because she isn't gaining weight! Of course I think this because I'm their mommy, but I really think they are getting cuter and cuter every day!  

Teeth-Ava has twelve teeth, Brooks has twelve, and Knox has eight! And they are all as crooked as can be!  I think their eye teeth are about to come in! 

Weight-19lbs 4oz  5th Percentile
Height-30.5 inches 50th Percentile
Head-70th Percentile

Weight-21lbs 4oz 10th Percentile
Height-31 1/4th 50th Percentile
Head-70th Percentile

Weight-22lbs 15th Percentile
Height-31.5 inches 60th Percentile
Head-50th Percentile

You are the cutest, sassiest little girl I know!  You are such a little diva!  You are still so obsessed with Mr Frog!  You are only allowed to have him in your bed though, unless you are sick!  We wave bye to him every morning!  You love to play with your brothers and copy what they do!  Not always a good thing!  You love your purse and sunglasses but you love your brothers tractors too!  You are so sweet and so smart!  You completely know how to turn on the drama and the fake tears!  Your poor teachers at school said they have to hold you all of the time!  Mommy had to have a little talk with them and tell them to just put you down!  You are so prissy and know when you look cute!  You love to show off!  You are so beautiful Ava and you will always be our little princess!    

You are still the sweetest, cutest, most laid back little guy!  You definitely win the most well behaved baby award a lot!  You are such a boy!  You love outside, tractors, animals, balls!  You have sweetest laugh!  It's hilarious!  You get so tickled and you laugh and laugh! You love to go outside.  You are always trying to escape!  You can open all of our doors!  I'm not sure where you are trying to go!   You love your daddy too!  Every time the door opens you yell, "Dada!"  You love to hold onto our legs and we drag you around the house!  You still love to watch tv and Hi-5!  You should know all of the words and motions by now!  You love big kids too and love to try to play with them!  Nothing is funnier than watching you talk baby talk to a bigger kid!  They are always so confused!  You love to read which makes your mommy so happy!  I hope you always love books!  Brooksy bear, we love you so much and you put a smile on our faces every day!  PS-You are our easiest baby for sure! Just happy go lucky! 

You are still our wild man!  Every day at some point your dad and I say, "My gosh, he's wild!"  You are into everything and can be very mischievous!  You also love your mommy so much though and can be so sweet!  Oh and when you suck your thumb and rub your blanket I just want to swaddle you and rock you!  I still can't believe how big you've gotten!  You have the cutest little laugh!  It is so deep and funny!  You are always busy.  You never stop and you play very hard!  You are the little boss man at our house and at school!  I think you try to keep everyone in line!  Your teacher said you are always looking around to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be! ha You are obsessed with shoes!  Love them!  You get so excited when your dad puts on his boots that you clap!!  I think you would sleep in your shoes if you could!  Your favorites might still be your red boots!  You are very social and probably love school the most!  You don't even stop to tell me bye!  You are too busy playing!  We love you so much Knox!  You keep us laughing constantly! 

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