Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bikes Blues and BBQ The Real Deal!

Last Thursday we took the babies to their first Bikes Blues and BBQ! I was worried they wouldn't like the noise but they were fine!  I think they even had a pretty good time!  They were still dressed in their biker gear from school so it was  the perfect day to go!
There were bikes/bikers everywhere!!!  This is not exactly my favorite week in Fayetteville!  I usually like to get out of town.  I still can't believe I actually went down to Dickson in the middle of all of it! 

Knox was craning his neck to get a better look at one of the bikers!  I don't blame you Knox!  There were some pretty interesting people walking around! Knox also freaked out if I walked too far ahead.  He likes his mommy to stay pretty close!  I ran in a store for a minute and he had a little melt down! Nothing is wrong with being a mommy's boy! 

Our group!  We were easy to spot with our strollers and kiddos everywhere! 

We were so glad Travis, Baylon, and Barrett came with us! 

Mommy and A!  I don't think Ava knew what to think about the motorcycle at first! 

Our tough men!  All of the other guys on Dickson were wearing leather and covered in tattoo's and our guys were wearing Nikes and pushing strollers! 

Knox mid-dance move!  We heard lots of Kid Rock blaring! ha  He loved it!

We made a little pit stop at US Pizza to call the hogs and eat dinner!  

Hog calling with a little peek-a-boo thrown in!


 Knox literally licked the ranch dressing off his plate.  We've got to work on our manners asap!  

Brooks is such a laid back little guy!  He kept laying back and throwing his little leg over the side of the stroller!  So funny! 

 Mommy and A!

I think B and I need one of these for next year!  

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