Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fire Station!

A few weeks ago Bethany, her neighbor, and I took the kids to the fire station for a little tour!  My kids love playing with their toy fire trucks but I wasn't sure what they would think of the real thing!  They had so much fun!  As soon as we got there everyone got to climb in the drivers seat of the big truck and pretend to drive!  

I have to say the difference between girls and boys is pretty funny!  Ava was kind of like, "whatever" about the whole thing!  She might as well have been sitting in the driver seat of my car!

Brooks was pretty excited!  He loved pretending to drive! 

I can't wait to take the kids back when they are Porters age!  Porter loved getting the tour and asked lots of questions! 

Knox trying to honk the horn of course! 

While I was snapping this picture the fire alarm went off (you can kind of tell by the look on Knox's face)!  I was so distracted I didn't even notice!  They firemen were yelling "Get him down, get him down." Finally I snapped Knoxie up and we moved out of their way! 

I tried to get some action shots of the fireman running around and getting ready to go fight the fire!  
PS-The fire was actually a false alarm at Damn Good Pies.. ha

It was crazy how fast they jumped in their gear!  They had on a full fire suit within a minute!  They told us this is the busiest fire station in the entire state!  Pretty neat! 

Brooks loved watching the action from the sidelines!  Knox and Hudson were busy playing and didn't know what was going on! 

Hi boys!

As soon as the truck came back Brooks went right up to it!  I think he wanted another turn in the drivers seat! 

Next we learned about all the special gear the fireman wear!  Once again, Ava is oblivious, Knox is missing and Brooks is really paying attention! 

Knox did reappear to push over the oxygen tank! 

Next the boys got to get in the back of the truck and look around! Brooks went first! 

Knox checked some valves while he waited his turn.

I could tell Brooks felt like such a big boy!  Knox ended up chickening out so Brooks and Porter were the only two that got to play inside.  I didn't even attempt to put Ava in the truck!  It was pretty funny to watch the kids interact with the firemen.  The guys would ask them questions or try to tell them something and they would just get a blank stare back! ha One of the guys even asked Brooks his age.  Brooks just looked at him like he was crazy!

How cute would this pic have been if he had looked at the camera?  Oh well, I tried! 

Another family photo attempt! 

Brooks checking out the room where they keep all of their gear!  

Next we got to meet all of the fire chiefs and we even got to go upstairs and see where the firemen eat, sleep, workout, and have important meetings! This part of the tour is when my kids went wild!  They were running in three different directions!  I just knew one of them was going to fall down the fire pole hole! It took me, Bethany, and a few of the firemen to keep up with them!

Knox was ready to pump so iron and throw the ball around!

We went down stairs and watched all of the fireman slide down the pole (which they really use btw!  I thought that was just on movies) and they gave us hats, badges, and coloring books!  

Love this picture!

So excited about their new hats!

This is where Brooks's badge ended up!  ha

My little firewoman! 

This little outing was so much fun!  I'm so glad Bethany organized it for us!  I really can't wait to go back!  I have to say all of the guys working at the station were so nice and patient!  They were so good with the kids too!  Mine were so out of control one nice fireman just offered to hold Knox and carry him around for the tour!  Ava and I might have to bake the firemen some cookies this week to thank them for being so nice to us! 

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Aw I spy Josh down on the floor with them! I bet that was fun.