Thursday, October 25, 2012

Botanical Gardens

One day we met friends at the Botanical Gardens for their little sprouts program.  They read a few stories to the kids and do a little craft with them!  Ava spent the night with Gigi the night before so she didn't go.  That was probably a good thing because I had a hard enough time keeping up with the boys!  

We, as in I, made a windsock!  We gave it to Gigi to put out at her house!

The good ole' wagon kept the boys contained for a little while but then they got restless and I had to let them out.  That's when they started running everywhere! Oh and Knox kept walking up to a lady trying to talk to her and steal her snacks.  The lady kept saying, "She's fine!" "She can have a snack!"  We might have to give the pink shirts a rest for a while! ha 

After we left we went over to Gigi's house to eat lunch and pick up Ava.  I kept trying to take pictures of Brooks and he kept making this face!  Brooks can be so silly and funny!  I really think this might be my favorite picture of him ever! ha 
I guess I've never really explored the Botanical Gardens closely.  I've been to events there but it's usually at night.  It was so pretty and such a neat place!  We loved looking at the chickens and the butterfly house!  We will definitely be making another trip back for Little Sprouts! 

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