Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chicken Finger Friday!

A few weeks ago Ava got to go to her very first chicken finger Friday!  I had not been back in the 
Chi O house since I graduated so I think I might have been a little more excited than Ava!  

A few of our friends came too!  We missed sweet Noah but we were glad his mommy came with us! 

Just hanging out at the house! 

Ava made lots of new friends!  She loved all of the attention she was getting!  I went to refill my glass and when I came back she was hanging out with the big girls a few tables over.  She also had a cell phone in her hand!  

Mommy and A! 


And again...  We were on a mission to get a good picture!  

This girl had a smile on her face the entire time we were at the house!  I could tell she felt really big and special! 

We took ourselves on a little house tour to find our old rooms! Ava would just walk in and out of the rooms!  I forgot that's it's not unusual for the girls to still be asleep in bed at 1pm !  I think a few of them were probably ready for us to leave! 

The Chi O house has had a little face lift!  There are new pictures and furniture everywhere!  We spotted one of our friends on the wall in the tv area! 

My old bed!  It's still crazy to me that I lived in a room with seven other girls!  Brandon jokes that I can sleep through anything!  I think this is why.  It was so much fun though!  I think I would definitely move back in for a week or two! 

Chicken Finger Friday is a toddlers dream meal!  Ava loved the chicken, the macaroni and cheese, and of course the chocolate chip cookies!   I think chicken finger friday can also be to blame for the freshman 15!  

Chatting away with her future sister! 
 We had such a fun day and I can't wait to take Ava back!  Maybe the boys can go one day too!  It's never too early to start recruiting! 

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