Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Day

I'm so behind on blogging.  I feel like we did this a month ago (I really think it was about two weeks ago)!  B decided to spend the morning at home with the babies and me!  The kids were wild and ready to get out of the house so we loaded them up and headed north to the new Cabelas!  Brandon had already been once to buy a new gun but he wanted to show the kids!  I have to admit it was fun!  It was kind of like a mini zoo!    

We had to check out the four-wheelers and rhino's!  Brooks loves stuff like this!  Definitely a boys, boy!  I think a four-wheeler or tractor might be on his Christmas list! 

He takes his driving very seriously! 

This wild man was loving it too!  He thought it was so funny that we were actually letting him sit in the drivers seat and drive!  Knox is very smart!  He knows when he's doing something that could possibly get him in trouble! 

We made a few purchases while we were there!  Brandon said this is probably the cheapest trip he will ever make to Cabelas with the kids!  The boys each got camo hats and Knox got a cozy blanket with a deer head hood on it!  They were out of pink camo in Ava's size so she didn't get a surprise but she honestly didn't know the difference and Ava gets plenty of things the boys don't get (clothes) so it was fair! 

Give this guy something to snuggle and his thumb goes in his mouth and he is ready for bed! 

Brooks led the way for us!  Oh and B dressed the babies for their trip to Cabelas-camo of course!  He even dressed Ava!

Knox and Brandon wore me out!  Brandon insisted we go up and down every single aisle and analyze every single product!  It's amazing what Brandon thinks he needs!  He got real close to buying a pair of ugly hiking boots!  And no, he doesn't hike!  Knox's "What's that's?" were out of control.  If he said it once, he said it five thousand times! 

Ava and I had fun looking at all of the animals and the fish! 

We had a little wreck with our carts and Brooksy thought it was hilarious! 

Love this face!

Ava, I hate to break it to you but your dad informed me this is going to be under the Christmas tree for you in a few years!  Thank god we had a few boys!   
Brandon obviously loves to hunt and talks about taking the boys constantly!  He literally cannot wait!  The other day he told me he feels bad because when he daydreams about taking the kids hunting he never pictures Ava going with them.  He said she just hasn't given him any indication that she might like to hunt! ha I told him not to worry that while he is with the boys in the woods Ava and I will be in NYC, LA, etc shopping and having fun! She won't feel left out at all!  The kid has been girly/prissy/dramatic since the day she was born.  I have a feeling hunting just isn't going to be her thing! 

After our two hour tour of Cabela's we took the babies to lunch at PF Changs.  I have to brag, I'm sure people (waitresses especially) hate to see us walk into a restaurant but the kids are really so good.  So far, we have never had to leave early or had any big melt downs while out to eat.  We of course leave a huge mess, but we try to tip well to make up for it!  It was such a fun day!  We can't wait for our next big family adventure! 

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