Wednesday, October 17, 2012

School Update!

I think the babies have really started to like school!  It started out a little rough.  Brooks and Ava cried every time I dropped them off for the first two weeks.  Knox would just take off running and go play as soon as I put him down.  Bethany usually drops off Hudson after I leave so she always calls to let me know they are okay!  It's been a bit of an adjustment for me too!  I'm not use to waking up so early! I still have to wake the babies up every day before school and they usually aren't happy about it!  They don't really eat a good breakfast either.   Getting there is also a chore.  I take them and pick them up with the wagon.  Thank goodness for the red wagon!  We look like we are moving in when we walk in the building! I have a huge bag with five lunch boxes in it!  One for water sippys, one for milk sippys, and one for each of the babies! 

Ava got a few bad reports the first week of school.  Apparently she wouldn't let the teacher put her down.  She would go limp every time she tried to put her down and cry.  They had to call a helper into the classroom... I had to have a little talk with the teacher!  Ava is a smart girl.  She knows who she can take advantage of.  Now her teacher has strict instructions just to put her down!  Although, every time I drop Ava off and pick her up she is still in the teachers arms.  She even lays her head on her shoulder.  I think that's her way of making it hard for the teacher to put her down!  She's so sweet and cuddly I don't like to put her down much either! 

Knox is a wild mess!  I dropped him off last week and before I left I looked down and he was laying a big kiss on a little girl in his class!  Right on the lips.  Such a lover boy! I called B and told him and he said, "He doesn't need to be messing with those fast woman." Then he said, "He's going to be wild and so much fun!"  I don't know how much fun it's going to be keeping up with that boy!  The teachers have also told me that Knox likes to keep everyone in line.  Imagine that.  When they are on a wagon ride he always looks back to make sure the other wagon is right behind his.  He is also very aware when one of his siblings isn't at school.  I hope these three always look out for each other! 

Brooks is just a perfect angel of course! ha 

I think they are learning a lot.  I've noticed the babies are talking a lot more lately.  I don't know if it is school or their age but I would like to think it's school!  That is the main reason I wanted them to go to school!  To learn lots of new things!   They also have a new babysitter that comes to help two afternoons a week!  I think she is teaching them a lot too! They love Lally!  She really works on their manners!  Lot's of "No thank yous" and "please" and sharing lessons! She also likes to clean while they nap which I love of course! 

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