Friday, October 26, 2012


We have been taking turns hanging out with Gigi lately! Brooks is obsessed with the Radio Flyer tricycle at Gigi's house so she picked him up last week so he could play and have it all to himself!  She took him on a little dinner date too!  

Gigi sent me this picture while they were gone!  My little funny guy was tricking Gigi!  He would act like he was going to feed her a fry and then he would snatch it away!  He obviously thought this was hilarious!  So sweet!

We went to Gigi's for Sunday dinner a few weeks ago!  Her Halloween decorations are so cute!  She made us a special dessert too! 

After dinner, when I was loading the babies in the car, I fell down a hole!  I stepped on a round metal cover thing (like the teenage mutant ninja turtles came out of) and fell in!  I was holding Knox and I don't think he knew what was going on! ha I'm really surprised I didn't break a leg or something!  This happened a week before I was in a wedding with a short bridesmaid dress too!  Not real attractive! 

Next it was Ava's turn to spend the night at Gigi's!  Ava went in Gigi's closet and pulled out all of the leopard print shoes!  Smart girl! ha

Gigi gave Ava a fresh pedicure too!  

Such a princess!

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