Monday, October 8, 2012

First School Trike Rally!

Last week in honor of Bikes Blues and BBQ the kid's school had a trike rally for all of the kids!  I LOVE a good reason to dress up!  The boys had the perfect outfits and after some handy work with the scissors Ava did too!  

The Bad to the Bone cuties!  Poor things just aren't morning people!

Ava was not thrilled about my attempt to get a full body shot!  Ava's outfit was a little 80's biker but still cute! 


They were super excited to get to school to see all of the big kids ride the trikes!  

Peeking at the older kids! 
I thought the trike rally was such a cute idea!  All of the teachers were dressed up too!  Super fun! Knox was so excited he did a little running in his classroom and tripped and hit his head on the corner of the table.  He got his first accident report and I got my first phone call from school!  He was a big boy though and after an ice pack was fine! His little bruise just makes him look tougher! ha

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