Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Funny Kids

-Knox is obsessed with me.  He likes to know exactly where I am and he says Momma all of the time.  The other day B's mom said, "Where's Momma?" He said, "Right there"  Crazy! I was shocked!  As long as he can see me he is okay! 

-Ava learned to blow her nose and loves to do it.  It's pretty cute! She also likes to wipe her mouth with a napkin.  

-If I tell Brooks "No" his lip quivers and he immediately tears up!  Such a sensitive boy! This usually breaks my heart and I let him do whatever it was he wanted to do.  Maybe he just has me figured out...

-Ava is obsessed with eating with a fork.  She will sit in her high chair for hours until all of her food is gone.  She also likes to dip.  It doesn't matter what it is, she dips everything!  She is a terrible double dipper though!  She will use the same chip for an entire bowl of salsa!

-Brandon made Ava toast with jelly and she sucked all of the jelly off and left the toast.  B says she just knows what she likes. 

-Brooks has gotten really good at golf.  He carries his club around everywhere and hits all of the balls he finds.  Occasionally he hits a sibling in the head too.  My little Tiger (maybe I should pick another golfer actually!)!

-Brooks speaks gibberish constantly.  I love to watch him read his books.  He sounds like he is talking in another language!  

-Knox's dance moves are hilarious.  If he hears a song he starts bobbing his head.  Occasionally he will throw one hand up.  Little gangsta!  Gets it from his daddy from Dumas.  

-Ava's obsession with Gigi is at a whole new level.  She hands Gigi her sunglasses and tries to pick up her purse so Gigi will leave our house with her.  She knows Gigi can't go anywhere without her sunglasses and bag!  

-Every time our door chimes the babies start yelling "Dada"!  Then they all take off for the door like a little herd.  We love our daddy!

-I was out of milk last Friday night and home alone with the babies so I had to make a quick stop at Braum's drive through.  When the guy came to our window all of the babies started yelling "Dada".  This guy did not look like B at all! I think it scared the little high schooler to death! 

-I think Ava might be ready for potty training.  She went to the bathroom and then took B's mom a diaper and laid down on the couch to be changed.  Not sure I'm ready to tackle that hurdle though!  Just the thought of the babies using public restrooms makes me cringe! Maybe diapers aren't so bad after all! 

-Knox has started putting himself in time out.  It's a little disturbing because I don't know how he knows what to do.  He will just walk to a corner of the room and stick his little nose in the corner.  He is usually laughing when he does it so it might just be a coincidence...  I know his school doesn't use time out.  Maybe a babysitter has? 

-Speaking of time out and Knox... He has a new technique for getting what he wants.  He goes up to the other two and gives them a big hug.  Then he basically tackles them to the ground and takes what he wants.  I've seen him do this several times.  The kid is smart!  He throws them off guard by being sweet and then before they know it they're on the ground and their toy/snack/drink is gone.  

-I spend a lot of time dragging Brooks around the house while he is attached to my thigh.  It's kind of a workout.  He holds on so tight!

-I feel like I should maybe be on an extreme couponer show.  I don't buy anything for the kids full price anymore!  Unless of course it's super cute and Ava can't live without it! 


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