Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Cell Phone Pics

Cinnamon Rolls are our favorite!  Not mommy's favorite thing to clean up though!  If I can find the time and the energy I really want to make them Pioneer Woman's homemade cinnamon rolls!  

Sweet Brooks right after he got his stitches out!  Gosh I love this boy!  He was so brave!  Dr Travis came over to our house to take them out for us so we wouldn't have to go back to the doctor! Thanks Travis!  Brooks was a good little patient!

Trying on part of our Halloween costume!  Can you guess what we are going to be?

I love that they love to read!  Nothing makes me happier than to find them sitting down with a book!  Even when it's upside down! ha

Sweet Knox sucking his thumb!

His new favorite thing to do is pick the peppers off the plant.  Sometimes he takes a little bite too! 

Ava getting ready for our girls day!  She got to stay home with me last week while the boys went to school!  We went to 
Chik-fil-A, bought new books at Barnes and Noble, and then locked ourselves out of Gigi's house with our car keys inside! Daddy had to come rescue us with the extra set of keys and we were 45 minutes late to pick up the boys! 

Backyard fun with daddy! 

Our growing collection of hospital bracelets!

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