Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex!

Everyone seems to be having birthdays lately and we love it!  A few weeks ago Alex turned one and we all went to her party at the park to help her celebrate!  It was a beautiful night to sit outside and eat chili with friends! 

Brooks loved the water table filled with corn!  He played with it for hours!  We are definitely going to have to try this at home!  

Knox was all over the place, imagine that! He was running away from me as fast as he could go in this pic! 

Ava loved the cupcakes! 

Oh Knox....  I wish this picture was clearer.  This was his second stolen cupcake.  He took the first one out of a little girls hands as she was trying to eat it and this one he just helped himself to.  They had mini cupcakes for the kids but I guess he decided he wanted the adult sized one!  I accidentally snapped this picture as I was trying to grab him and wipe his face!    
Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Alex!

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Jessica K said...

Too cute! Tell Ava we all love cupcakes! :)