Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Weekend

A few weekends ago I snuck out of the house on Friday night and met friends for dinner.  I lost my voice that day and sounded like a man but that didn't stop me because I needed a break from the sick kids!  They go to bed so early (7pm) it's pretty easy to put them to bed and still go out and have a good time!  The next morning is always a little rough but friend time is worth it! 

Me, Emily, Karrie, and Sarah Boyce!

Champagne and a burger!  We were at a new restaurant off the square, Union.  It was good! 

Tailgating with friends the next day before the Rutgers game! This was right before I had to leave and take Ava to the ER for her purple lips!  An exciting day for sure! 

 Our spread!  I have to brag on Karrie and me!  We set up the tailgate all by ourselves!  Joseph and Brandon were working so we were on our own!  We cooked all of the food, loaded B's truck, carried our thousand pound ice chest and even set up the tent!  Can you tell I'm proud of us?! ha

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