Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work Days

After our terrible NYE I thought it was a good time to call for back up. My house was a wreck! I still had Christmas decorations up, Christmas gifts were everywhere, and the babies were still sleeping in our room! I called Jenny and B's parents for help! We got SO much done! I had a to-do list that was a mile long! Nothing makes me happier than crossing things off a list and I got to do that several times! B even stayed home from work a few days to help! I can finally park my car in our garage again! One of the most exciting things I did was move the babies cribs into their rooms. They finally have their own rooms now! I still have a few things left to do to finish their rooms but it is definitely a start! The boys have been sleeping in their room every single night! Ava is still in her basket in our room but I think she is almost ready to make the big move to her own room!

Here is a sneak peak!

Ava's pink room! She has a cute pink couch coming for the other side of the room that I am so excited about!
The boys room!
I wish I could remember everything we did! We finally stored all of our pool furniture and pots (only 5 months late), cleaned out closets, painted furniture, moved all of the cribs, took off doors, hung pictures, and mirrors, cleaned, and the list goes on and on!

Poppy, Ava, and Knox took a little break to nap! Oh and the recliner made a come back. B snuck it back in when I was at Lowes picking up supplies. Its about to go back to the playroom but I just haven't had the energy to move it back!
We also set up the babies new high chairs that B's parents got them for Christmas. They look so big sitting in their new chairs!

They get really excited about eating!

Thanks Jenny, Nana, and Poppy for all of your help! The babies love their new rooms!

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Maydelin said...

I thinks is the firs time that i coment in your blog, but i follow since the kids born...

They looks so big in those high chair!!