Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy First Birthday Miller!

Saturday we had a big birthday to celebrate! The babies bff Miller turned one! I cannot believe he is already one! Makes me sad! That means the babies are only three months away from their big day too! Millers birthday party was so cute and so much fun! The invitation was the cutest thing I have ever seen! It was a "Little Man" party! Sarah and Bennett came over early Saturday morning and brought the babies breakfast and bow ties! How cute are they? Sarah made these! Thank goodness for crafty friends!

Brooks was not happy about getting ready for the party!
He got excited when he heard he was going to hang out with all of his buddies!
Knoxie was pretty excited about the party too!
I can't handle the cuteness!!! They might have to wear little bow ties every day from now on!
These boys got lots of kisses Saturday!
Speaking of kisses, Bennett thought A looked like a hottie! She got lots of kisses from her man!
Ava better be glad her daddy didn't see all those kisses!
Allison, party planner extraordinaire with Brooksy!
Em and Knox in the photo booth! Knox was trying on a mustache for size!
Family photo!
Ava and mommy!
Daddy and Knoxie!
Bethany and Porter took a turn in the photo booth!
The babies and our friends!

The birthday boy digging into his cake!
Ava took a break from partying to snuggle Allison!
The boys. You might notice a trend here. Everyone else is holding our babies! We have some really great friends that like to help! B and I like to let them! ha When we were walking in the party B was dropping the gift, almost dropping a baby and not happy about it! I had to remind him that we knew it wasn't going to be easy going anywhere with three babies! He just needed to get use to it!
I wish I had taken more pictures of the party! Everything was so cute! The decorations, the cake, the party favors! Allison went above and beyond! How cute is Ava's favor??
My babies love to go to a party! I'm not sure if it's because they never get out of the house or if they are just little party animals but they are always so happy! They were even skipping a nap but still in a good mood! I think Ava likes getting dressed up too!
"Hey everyone, look at me!" Ava does not like when all eyes aren't on her! When Bennett was at our house that morning B, Sarah, and I were all watching him walk and A was not happy about it! She did a little fake cry to let us know about it!

Bennett! Eyes up!
He had to use her little dress to help himself up! It was hilarious!
Going in for a big one!

Yeah, I saw that Ava!
Karrie and Emily gave Brooks and Knoxie their first tattoos!
Brooksy's mustache tattoo!
Cutie Pie!
Hi Ava!
Hey Brooksy!
I am so thankful for my crafty friends that bring us breakfast and bow ties, the friends that love my babies and help me with them, my friends that throw fun parties, and even the friends that give my babies tattoos (as long as they are temporary). I don't know what I would do without them!


Emily! said...

Cutie Patooties! The Trips Bday is fast approaching!! Let me know if we need to schedule a work night:)! I'm a wizz at paper flowers!

The Dolans said...

Such great pics!! I am constantly thinking how much fun it is going to be watching the baby besties grow up together (besides when we get the phone call that Bennett, Miller, Ollie, Brooks Knox and others pulled some prank at school and their daddies will think its hysterical). It's time to start thinking about invites for the babes!! Lets put our brains together soon to get some ideas.