Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve didn't exactly go as planned but it was still a fun day! We were supposed to start the day at my dad's house but he got the stomach virus so those plans were canceled. B had to work all day but the babies and I were going to go to church but those plans got canceled too because I didn't have a helper to carry them in! So we just spent most of the day hanging out in our Christmas pj's! Emily came to visit and then Gigi and Caroline came over for dinner and to open gifts!

Knoxie spent the entire night playing. This little boy must have an immune system of steel because we all had terrible colds and he is the only one that didn't get it! He also didn't get our stomach virus. I'm wondering if it had something to do with him being the biggest baby at birth??? Who knows!
Brooks on the other hand was not a happy little boy. He had the worst cold. I felt so sorry for him! No one should be sick on Christmas!
Daddy came to the rescue and carried him around all night!
What??? Santa is coming tonight?
Our stockings were hung and ready for Santa to fill!

Ava, Brooks, and Knox are three lucky little babies! They had a ton of gifts to open!
My boys!
Gigi and Caroline both got new cameras for Christmas so they practiced taking pictures with my camera!
Wild Man!
My little drama queen can go from this...
To this in about five seconds!

After this picture was taken Ava had to go to bed. She missed out on our Christmas Eve Photo Shoot! Poor baby didn't feel very well.
They were not in the mood to have their picture taken! I think they were too excited about Santa coming!

My favorite! I could just eat them up!
Once the babies went to bed it was time to open gifts, eat, drink, and wait for Santa to arrive!

B racked up this year! Can you even see his little head poking out of his stack of gifts? He got clothes, cologne, running gear, a new table for his green egg, and a million vests. He mentioned he wanted a vest and he got a three! One from my mom, one from Caroline, and one from me! He wears one every day now! ha When I was at bunco we were talking about what cologne our husbands wore and I mentioned B wore Aqua Di Gio. That got several laughs! I don't even know the difference. Some old girlfriend bought it for him back in the day and he has just never switched. It's not like he would ever buy any himself! I mentioned this to B and told him he really needed to try something new and he said, "It really hurts my feelings that your friends don't like my cologne!" I am married to the biggest goof ball in the world! Bunco girls get excited, B now wears some Gucci cologne that smells great! ha
This is a terrible picture of me but I think it's pretty funny. Caroline, my mom, and I finished opening our gifts and we had to wait on B to finish opening his! I think I look a little jealous in this pic! ha I loved ALL of my gifts! Thanks everyone! I'm actually wearing my new pj pants and Hanes V-neck right now! My Christmas list definitely changed this year! I use to ask for clothes, shoes, etc. This year I wanted pj pants (since that is what I wear every single day), formula, diapers, wipes, ha! The babies (B) got me the neatest ring too! I will have to take a pic and post it soon!
Caroline was pretty excited about her Ava picture!
My mom made us all dinner and it was great! Crab legs are my favorite! They have become a Christmas Eve tradition!
B cooked his first beef tenderloin on the Green Egg. It was really good!

Caroline got us this cute little ornament! I love it! I had big plans to get the babies each an ornament for Christmas but ran out of time! This was the perfect gift!
Lauren gave me this ornament last year when I was pregnant. I loved having it on our tree this year! Thanks LA!
We had a great Christmas Eve. Thanks for everything mom!

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