Thursday, January 12, 2012

Santa Came! Christmas Day Part 1

Ava, Brooks, and Knox must have been really good this year! Santa brought them everything they wanted and more! What lucky babies!

I think the babies were definitely a little overwhelmed! When they came downstairs there were cameras flashing and video cameras recording! Oh and I was showing them all of their new toys!
Ava LOVES her new drum!

Elmo was a big hit too! They think he is pretty funny! I think he has a pretty annoying voice! ha That might be because I hear him talk and sing ALL DAY LONG!

Ava's pretty talented! She can play her piano and her drum at the same time! My little musician!
Brooks loves his new zebra!
Ava took a break to talk to Elmo!
Caroline modeling her new red lipstick Santa put in her stocking! Oh and please notice B in the background. I asked for an ipad for Christmas and B told my mom not to get me one because I would be on it all of the time and neglect the babies. Well B and I both got ipads. I bet I have been on mine a total of 15 minutes since Christmas... B is obsessed and never puts his down. He takes it to work, he takes it to bed, he is actually messing with it right now as I type. I'm not sure what he did without that thing! I think I might have to hide it from him and see what happens!
She was so excited about all of her new toys!
Brooks and Knox got new Uggs from Gigi!
Hi Ava! Ava hasn't quit waving and saying "Hi" since she learned how! We wave at everything and everybody now! Yahhh Ava!
Another instrument for the band! I think her new doll stroller was distracting her!
Her new dolly from Gigi!

I hate to post this picture because I look terrible but this is the only family picture we took Christmas day! It makes me sad we didn't take one when we were all dressed up! I guess there is always next year!
Caroline and B made breakfast for everyone! It was super yummy! Thanks guys!
Brooks bounced and kept them company while they cooked!
Ava just walked around the house!
Knox did a little swinging!
This was a great way to start Christmas day!

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Emily! said...

Yay! Fun toys! Can't wait till they can run down the stairs for Xmas morning!