Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Final Christmas Celebration!

Since my dad was sick on Christmas Eve we had to postpone our Christmas with him until the night after Christmas. I was fine with keeping the celebrations going as long as possible! We all went over to his house to have dinner and open gifts!

Jenny got the babies a walker to keep at their house. All of the babies took a turn. This is kind of a pitiful picture of Brooks but I think he was still a little sick.

Jenny and dad showing off some of their Christmas decorations! They cooked breakfast for dinner and it was so good! I love breakfast food but never have time to make it! I also have issues when it comes to making gravy...
Ava hanging out with B.
Knox checking out his new toy!
Poor Brooksy looks a little warm in this pic!
Dad and A!
Ava loved her new giant sock monkey from Jenny!
Dad and Jenny gave Caroline and I new sewing machines and sewing baskets! Jenny gave us a lesson and Caroline made a pot holder! I was feeding Ava and trying to pay attention at the same time so I might need a follow-up lesson!
Ta-da! Caroline and her new pot holder! She was nice enough to give it to me!
Thanks for everything dad and Jenny! We love all of our gifts and the food was delicious!

I am now accepting orders for custom made clothes sewn by me! Just joking!

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