Sunday, January 29, 2012

Drink Up!

I meant to post this before New Years Eve so everyone would buy their bubbly from Wedington Liquor but I never got around to it! So, now I'm posting it so you will buy your beer for the Super Bowl from Wedington! Make sure and tell B hello if you stop by! Even if you aren't a drinker you should stop by for a bag of baked flaming hot Cheetos! They are the best thing ever and I'm not even joking! I discovered them when I lived in LA a long time ago and every time I visit LA I stock up! I've never seen them anywhere else but LA! I even asked Harps to order them for me and they couldn't! I walked in the store a few weeks ago and the snack shelf was stocked with baked fire Cheetos! How in the world did B forget to mention this to me??? Matt, our manager knows about my love for these things so I have a feeling he was the one that ordered them but I still can't believe we had them and I didn't know about it! They are really that good! So, in conclusion, stop by Wedington for beer, wine, liquor, or baked fire Cheetos!

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