Tuesday, January 10, 2012


While we were in Dumas we made a few stops to visit friends! Stevie and Tripp got to meet the babies for the first time!

I think Stevie and Ava will be bff's!
Tripp wanted to snuggle too!
Sarah and John bought the babies a few surprises! Thanks guys! Brooks is getting good at opening gifts!
Ava is really excited about her new outfit!
Sarah and John's house is like summer camp! They have a million toys and their pantry is out of control. As soon as we walk in their house B immediately helps himself to all of their snacks! One day we will replace everything we have eaten! I promise! I have a feeling the babies will love to come visit the Parkers as much as we do! Sarah pulled out some special hats for the babies to play with!

How cute is my little Davey Crockett??
This little Davey Crockett is pretty cute too!

We were sad we didn't get to stay very long but we had so many people to visit and not very much time! Oh and when I was unloading the babies at the next stop I realized Stevie and Tripp had tucked tiny little stuffed animals in the babies car seats! Too funny! Thanks guys!

Next we stopped in Monticello to visit Ann! It was so weird to pull into Baywood Lane! I wanted to take a picture of my old house but it was too dark! This is random but in all my dreams, when I'm at home, it is always my old house in Monticello.... Never our house in Fayetteville. So strange! It was so great to see Ann and her family! I'm so glad she finally got to meet the babies!

Ann and Ava!
Ann and Brooksy! I think Knox was asleep!
Our trips are never long enough! I hope we can come back and visit soon!

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