Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday at the Beach!

Sunday B woke up early and went on a run.  When he got back we started packing for the beach.  That was almost harder than packing for the trip.  It's crazy how much stuff we had to take!  We finally made it down to the beach!  Ava loved it, Brooks loved playing in the sand and Knox threw a fit!  He kept putting his hands in the sand and then wiping his eyes.  His face was covered in sand and he wasn't calming down so Gigi took him back to the room!  We realized later he had fever.  Poor guy had the virus Ava had a few days before. 

Miss Priss snacking!

Digging in the sand!  His favorite thing to do! 

Hi A! 

My babies! 

Daddy and his girl!

Brandon went back to the room with the kids to nap and I got a whole uninterrupted three hours to lay on the beach and read!  I forget how much I like to read since I never get to do it anymore!  PS-I love the long naps the kids take after playing on the beach all day! 

After naps we got cleaned up and went to the Red Bar for dinner!  I forgot how long the wait can be during the summer!  I think we had to wait for forty five minutes!  The kids did so well though.  Better than Brandon did for sure!  They just ran around and played outside! 

Brooks!  A few college boys walked by and said they liked his outfit! ha My little frat boy! 

Oh this face! 

Blowing out the candles at dinner!  

Daddy with the three that gave him the title.  

This is what it looks like when you take three two year olds to dinner at 9pm at night.  They did behave a lot better than I ever expected them too!  No major melt downs or anything!  I think they thought they were in a bar partying, which I guess they kind of were... And they loved the food, especially the chicken,  which I figured they would! 
We had a great first day in Florida!  We were completely on beach time though!  We didn't get back to our house until 10:30 and Ava didn't go to sleep until after midnight!

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