Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fourth of July Week Fun

My little Patriotic girl shaking her booty at a concert at the library! She dressed herself that morning and I didn't have the energy to fight with her over her choice of rain boots in 100 degree weather!  

After naps we met daddy and Gigi for pizza and then we took our crust across the street to feed the ducks!  The ducks either didn't like our pizza crust or they weren't very hungry!  We still tossed it all to them.  

Here ducky ducky! 

More crust please! 

We made a quick stop at a fireworks stand on our way home to buy a few sparklers!  Gigi gave A, B, and K a little money to shop with!  Knox was so excited to pick out his fireworks!

Ava was in charge of passing out the money to the boys! ha 


I think we went a little bit over our budget!

Sparklers with the girls!

Trying to decide what to shoot off first!

And....this is what they think about fireworks! ha Not the biggest fans!

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