Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday at the Beach

Love this little beach baby! 

Gigi Snuggles!

Hiding from me and my camera!

Family shot!  Way to mess up the picture B!

One more try!

Building sandcastles is serious business!

It's funny how much this guy loved the ocean considering some days he won't even get in our pool! 

Gigi and her girl!

Love that smirk!

Brandon tried to get Brooks to go out in the water with him and Brooksy said, "No, I chicken!" Ha Love that little scaredy cat! 

This one was definitely not a chicken!

I think our camera was fogged up! 

Such a fun family vacation!

I love this picture of Ava. 

The girls, minus Gigi the photographer!

We had a hot dog picnic on the beach and then we made a pit stop on our way back to the condo.
Sugar Shack, let me in!!!

Sno Cone time!

Thursday night we had family pictures with Mika Beth.  It hadn't rained at since we had been there but fifteen minutes into pictures there was a downpour! 

We waited it out and finished pictures! I can't wait to see them! 
After pictures the babies stayed with Gigi and Caroline and I went and had sushi together!  It was really good! 

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