Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun in Tulsa!

The week of the fourth we took a little field trip to the aquarium in Tulsa.  It was really a neat place and the kids had so much fun! Kiki went with us to help out!

Knox petting the shrimp!

Our little group minus the Halls and Penix's.  

Brooks was so excited to see all the fish!

Checking out the stingrays with Kiki!

These little guys were hard to keep up with!  Brooks and Knox wandered off a few times and scared me to death! 

The shark tank! 

Love these brothers!  

Feeding the turtles!

Getting an up close look at the jelly fish! 

After the aquarium we went to lunch and then we went to a splash pad!

Ava kept chasing Noah and tickling his stomach.  He couldn't run away from her fast enough! 

Knox fell asleep in the car so Kiki stayed with him while I took Brooks and Ava to play!  

We had such a fun day!  We can't wait to go back to Tulsa to visit the zoo next!

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