Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fourth of July Parade!

Ava woke up early one day from her nap and helped me decorate our wagon float!  She wasn't the best decorator but she loved testing out the float!

Knox and his shoes.. He wanted to wear cowboy boots and he wanted to wear them on the wrong feet.  So I let him.  Learning to choose my battles.  

Our finished wagon!  (It's still decorated like this in our garage!  I've been too lazy to pull all of this stuff off of it!)

Ava loves Mark.  We think he and Jessica need a little girl! 

My little crew!

I still can't believe I got a bow in her hair!  

The parade!  Mark was nice enough to pull our wagon for us while B carried Brooks!  He didn't feel like riding in the wagon.  

Miss Red White and Blue!

A cute crew!

A's favorite part of the parade was the popsicle at the end! 

They found an abandoned Escalade and tried to take it for a joy ride! ha 

We had lots of fun at the parade with our friends.  Thanks for having us Carters. 

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