Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fourth of July

After the parade our family came up to help us celebrate the fourth!  Nini brought Ava a new doll that cries and can even crawl on the floor.  The boys were fascinated.  Nick helped them add batteries and get her all set up! 

A little watermelon snack!

The pool was a little cold so we broke out the Hello Kitty sprinkler!

Apparently the watermelon wasn't enough so they ate ice cream cones next!  I think all the kids (and me) ate on the fourth was sugar and junk!  

After naps we went to my dad's and Jenny's for their Fourth of July party! 

Taking a little ride on the race horse!

Drinking a beer and eating BBQ with Mark!  Just kidding!  She was making him give her bites! 

Ava is obsessed with flavored drinks.  I only give her milk and water so when she can get her hands on juice or sprite or Gatorade she goes crazy!  She was so excited about this big blue Gatorade!  

 Little Sweetie!

Listening to Jed!

I don't know where all my pictures of Brooks are?! I think he was just running around too fast for me to catch him with the camera!! 

Fireworks time!  Knox sat with my dad and enjoyed the show while I sat in the back of my car with Ava and Brooks.  Brooks was freaking out!  He was fine as long as we were in the car watching them though.  Hopefully next year he won't be so afraid! 

Sparkler time!
We had a busy but fun 4th! 

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