Monday, August 12, 2013

Cellphone Pics

Family trip to the Catfish Hole!  I think these three ate approximately 100 hush puppies!  They loved them! 

Every night when it's time for bed Ava pretends to be asleep.  Sometimes she hides under the couch cushions too!  She is such a little stinker!

We had a boys night and took Knox and Brooks to the rodeo!  We met Karrie and Joseph and had such a good time!

Surprisingly I think Knox liked it better than Brooks.  Brooks was having an off night!  It was hard to keep him happy! 

My baby in his belt buckle.  We even stayed and watched the fireworks at the end of the rodeo and the boys weren't scared!  I was shocked! 

Gigi bought the babies a new pool!  We did a little naked swimming one morning.  They love their new pool.

A few weeks ago we met Grandpa Bob at the club for a little lunch, golfing and golf cart riding! 

My silly girl!

Lunch time!

Golf lessons!

Grandpa Bob bought everyone a new golf hat too!  They loved them! 

A little nervous about the golf cart ride! 

My Ballerina

Ava getting a stamp for doing such a good job at dance class.  Stamp/sticker time might be her favorite part of dance class. 

Little Miss independent dressing herself for the day. 

Ava and I had a little girl time at Ella's birthday party one night.  She had so much fun!  

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