Monday, August 26, 2013

Our last day at the beach!

Friday we woke up and tried to take the babies to Charlie's donuts but the line was too long so we had pancakes at Cowgirl Kitchen instead.   Brooks was having a no good very bad day and was hitting everyone in sight!  The terrible two's have definitely hit our house!  

After breakfast we went to the pool to practice our strokes! 

Love these boys!

And this girl too!

Our little family!

After the pool we went to lunch at Summer Kitchen!  It's so good!  

Putting on her makeup for dinner!  She is such a mess!

And.... this is how Ava feels about her car seat after our long trip to the beach!  We might have a rough ride home! ha 

We went to Seaside for our last night to walk around and have dinner.   

Love this boy.  Even when he picks all of the flowers off of plants after I've told him not too.

Brooks and his hats!  He loves them! Oh and did I mention the entire trip Brooks called us "Brandon and Shell?"  He hasn't stopped since we got home!  Love that boy! 

The only picture I was able to snap of A.  It was a wild night.  Seaside was packed!  Our plan of grabbing a quick dinner at a food truck didn't really work out because we had to wait in line for at least 30 minutes!  We decided to head home early so we could start to pack! That was a job! 
The next morning Ava, Brandon, and I woke up at 4am and we pulled out of Rosemary at 6!  A little behind schedule but still pretty early! Brooks did not sleep at all in the car!  Not one second.  I think Ava slept for one hour and Knox for three.  I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life and couldn't wait to get home.  I think we stopped once to get gas and change their diapers and that was it.  B had to pretty much drive the whole way because my head hurt so bad!  We made a pit stop in Dumas to visit Brandon's family again and pulled into Fayetteville around 11!  Oh and did I mention that Brooks pretty much cried from Dumas to Fayetteville.  He was so tired he was delirious!  Poor baby!  Vacations are so much fun but sleeping in your own bed is pretty great too!  
We had such a good trip!  Yes, it was stressful at times and yes, it was a lot of work but the kids had fun and we had fun!  Thank you Gigi for taking us on such a fun trip! We can't wait to go back! 

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