Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuesday at the Beach

Tuesday we woke up and went to the beach!  I taught Knox how to rinse the sand off of his hand in a bucket of water so after that he was good to go and loved the beach! They had so much fun playing!  They loved going out in the water too! 

Hard at work building a sand castle!

Playing with daddy in the water!

Bubble time!

Ava loved blowing bubbles on the beach!  The wind kind of did the work for her!

Our attempt at a family picture take one.

Take two.

We ate hot dogs for lunch from the hot dog stand and then B took them up for naps.  Thank goodness!  I finished my book and read a few magazines that had been stacking up on my night stand for months!  It sad that I have to add "Read magazine" to my to-do list!  There is just no time for things like that when we are at home!

After naps we got ready to go to George's for dinner!  It's one of our favorite places! 

My little blue eyed angel!

Ava couldn't go to dinner without applying a little lip gloss first! Such a little priss!

Our pretend date night! ha We had three little people joining us!

Knoxie wanted a picture with his mommy and daddy! 

Gigi and sweet Brooksy!

Love this boy!


She was feeling super cute and super sassy!

Catching a ride home after dinner!

We were in the mood for something sweet so we stopped at La Crema on our way home. 

PS-Ava's outfit has pants but she refused to wear them so she wore the shirt as a dress.  Very opinionated for such a little thing.  

Photo shoot! ha 

The princess is dramatic even when she sleeps!

It was another great day at the beach! 

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