Friday, August 2, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

We made another trip to the splash pad with our buddies.  These guys love this place!

My three love play dates with their friends!

After the splash pad we all went to lunch and then Sarah and Bennett treated us to yogurt at their store! It was super yummy! 

A likes the pink lemonade sorbet like her mommy! We had such a fun day with our friends!

Noah turned two and we all went to his party to help him celebrate! 

Gigi came with us!  A was losing it because she wanted a cupcake and Brooks was sad because he got sunscreen in his eye!  I guess we can't all be happy all of the time! ha 

Trying to cheer Brooksy up!  It wasn't working! 

Ava loves a good birthday party and cake! She only eats the icing though! ha

There was a surprise guest at the party!  Mickey Mouse!  My kids have never watched Mickey and I wasn't sure they even knew who he was but Brooks hasn't quit talking about Mickey since we left the party! Every day he would say, "Mommy, Mickey party Noah" ha Now they want to watch Mickey's Clubhouse every day!  

I never thought our first time to meet Mickey would be in Fayetteville! 

Lunch time!

He found a rake and raked the entire yard.  He literally raked for over an hour! ha I wish he would do that at our house! 

Ava loves babies.  Especially sweet baby Mac.  

After celebrating Noah it was time to celebrate baby Sawyer! We had a fun couples shower for him on the roof at On the Rocks! 

The shower was so much fun and now we are just ready for Sawyer to make his big debut! 

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