Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cellphone Pics

A few weeks ago we went to the new water park in Rogers!  I think this is the only picture I took because we were so busy having fun!  If you haven't been you should definitely go soon! The kids loved the little slide and the lazy river!  We will definitely be going back soon! 

Giving Miller a hug goodbye!

This is our new nightly routine.  We tell Ava it's time for bed and she immediately pretends to be asleep.  Sometimes she hides under couch cushions too.  Such a funny girl!  Oh and she takes this little princess puzzle piece to bed with her every night.  Not sure what that's about! 

One night we went to Courtney and Brock's house for dinner and Ava insisted on wearing her new pink leather jacket Gigi got her.  She wanted to wear it with her fur Uggs too.  It was about 95 degrees...  

Ava taking Brooksy for a ride.  He looks a little nervous about it! ha She drove this tractor all over their yard!

Dinner time!  

Emory has her own water park in her back yard!  The kids loved it! Thanks for having us over Bertrands!  

Last Saturday we woke up and made a donut hole run.  We decided to take a drive out to B's new land too!  We have never been there!  We didn't even take the time to change out of our pj's or put on shoes! 

B borrowed his new neighbors big blue tractor and the kids were in heaven! 

Everyone took a turn driving the tractor!

My country boys!

B decided to fire up the tractor and take the kids on a real ride!  I thought Brooks was going to have a heart attack he was so excited!  Oh and then the tractor caught on fire and B had to toss the boys off. Ha It was crazy and hilarious! 

After naps we got ready for a birthday pool party! Ava wanted to wear her glasses so the boys decided they had to wear theirs too! 

How tough do these boys look?!

Too cool for school...

Ready to dive in!

Swimming with daddy!

I love this boy! 

Just hanging out in the pool!  Happy Birthday Asher, Austyn, and Porter!

Ava has been wearing my old ballet shoes to her dance class because the dance store didn't have her size.  When it was time for ballet on Wednesday I realized they were missing.  We looked everywhere!  I even dug through a trash bag full of dirty diapers... We searched the house for a week.  I had completely given up hope but on Saturday B was outside with the kids and Ava went and got them out of Brooks 's tractor.  She had hidden them under the seat.  I still can't believe we found them!   They have been returned to their box high in Ava's closet!  

We went to my dad's house for lunch on Sunday.  The kids had so much fun checking out his new chickens and picking veggies from the garden!  Their garden is pretty impressive!

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