Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cell Phone Pics

Our last Sunday dinner at Gigi's before Kiki moves to LA!  We are going to miss her so much but we can't wait to come visit! 

Everyone pretends to be asleep when it's time for bed.  It's hilarious and frustrating all at the same time! I told them it was time for bed the other night and Brooks looked at Knox and said, "Hide!" ha Oh those boys! 

This is definitely worth documenting.  My first trip to the store with all three babies by myself.  It went surprisingly well.  I bet the kids have been to the store about 3 times each in their entire lives!  Isn't that crazy?!

I have two monkeys and then A.. Not quite a monkey!  Poor thing has trouble getting off the ground!

Ava had her last dance class and her showcase night!  Daddy came to watch her perform.  A did fine when we were looking through the class but when all the parents came in the studio she decided she wasn't feeling it. She just wanted to sit in daddy's lap! Oh well!  Let's hope her big recital goes better!  She has had a lot of fun at dance and I think she will really miss it! 

B and Caroline drove all the way to LA.  Brandon drove the U-haul and Caroline drove her car!  I've made that drive once and it isn't fun!  They were both looking forward to it though!  They made several pit stops along the way.  They stopped at the Petrified forest and the Grand Canyon!  
The night before B left he woke the boys up at 11pm because he said he already missed them! ha They have started watching tractors on YouTube.  The boys are obsessed!  It's just videos of tractors working in fields.  Very loud and very boring if you ask me! ha They LOVE them!

I think it rained the entire time B was gone.  We were very bored and lazy!  I'm not sure we even left the house!  I did make a quick trip to Little Rock to visit Lauren and see Beth Anne and baby Annabelle!  She is such a cutie! The morning B was coming home I woke up with a headache and our whole house smelled like gas!  I hurried and grabbed the kids and took them outside.  It was of course raining.  I was in pj's, glasses, no bra.  The kids were half asleep with full diapers.  It was a mess!  Thank goodness our yard man was there to help me!  I couldn't put my kids in my car because he said it could blow up when I started it if there was a gas leak!  I called the gas company and called my dad to come help!  To make a long story short they couldn't find a gas leak but they thought that some with gas in it in our garage was leaking and the weather caused the gas to vent or something and fill our house.  We had to leave to let it air out so we took the kids to eat at the restaurant in the Springdale airport so they could watch the planes come and go!  They loved it!  They got to see a helicopter land which was pretty exciting!  They also got to eat Pizza for breakfast because they weren't serving breakfast just lunch! ha 

Since we were already at the airport we went to Grandpa Bob's hanger to check out his plane! 

Brooksy wanted to take it for a spin!  He was in heaven!  He loves "Airpanes" and "Copters"! 

Ava buckled up for safety! 

This kid can spot a tractor from a mile away!  He is obsessed! 

We had such a fun morning with Grandpa Bob at the airport!  We want to go back again soon to watch the planes! 

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