Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday and Saturday at the Beach!

I've always been a planner and a list maker.  My packing lists for Florida were out of control though!  I started shopping and packing weeks before we actually left!  I had a list of things for the babies, I had a list for B and I, I even had a grocery list made for when we made it to Florida!  I knew I had to be organized or I would never get everything in our car! 

We left around 10:30 am on Friday morning.  Only thirty minutes behind schedule which was a miracle! Everything fit in our car and the babies were pumped to be heading to the beach!  We talked about it a lot before we actually left!  I will say I over packed.  They just had so many cute new summer clothes I wanted to take.  I'm not sure where I thought they would wear them all! 

We stopped at Watta Burger in Russellville on the way down south.  I don't think I've ever been on a trip to Florida without stopping there for burgers!  The kids loved it of course.  They did pretty well on the way down.  Although none of them slept at all which made me pretty nervous about the trip the next day!  We stopped in Dumas to break up the trip.  The first thing the babies wanted to do was go for a Ranger ride.  Brooks calls the Ranger Poppy's tractor.  He loves going for rides!   That night we ate at Nuckols sandwich which was yummy of course! The kids finally went to bed at nine and B and I soon followed!  Ava actually laid down in a bed by herself and went to sleep.  I was so proud of her! 

The next morning we were up and in the car by 4:30am.  I didn't sleep much the night before because I kept thinking I was going to sleep through my alarm.  My plan for the kids to go back to sleep when we put them in the car didn't exactly work.  They were all wide awake!  I decided on the drive down to really try to document our trip.  It was our first family vacation and I really wanted to remember every little detail!  I used my voice text and kept notes in my phone!  

Getting no sleep and waking up at 4:30 called for the first caffeine for me in like three months!  I had to have a little coffee to make the drive!  B immediately put on his headphones!  I drove and listened to Brooks talk non-stop.  He basically said every word he knows.  He talked a lot about Anna, Harper, and Poppy's tractor. I loved listening to his sweet little voice!  At one point I asked B if it was raining but it was just mosquitoes! We had an interesting stop at the McDonald's in Tallulah, MS.  Don't ever stop there unless you have too! ha The drive really wasn't that bad.  I took the first shift and B took the second shift.  It's funny to me that I always thought road trips were miserable when I was a kid.  I had no idea! I would give anything to be able to sit in the back seat and watch dvds on the drive!  I think we only stopped once for gas.  My flip flop broke on the trip down so I drove the whole way with only one shoe.  When I started driving my dad told me it was illegal to drive bare footed.  I'm not sure if that's true or if he just told me that so I wouldn't do it.  If it is true I broke the law all the way to Florida!   The kids pretty much just watched Hi-5 for eight hours straight.  Hi-5 definitely got us through the trip! We finally stopped when we were about two hours from Rosemary at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  It was nice to get out of the car! Ava decided she was a big girl and refused to get in a high chair.  She hasn't really ever sat in one since! 

Ava is the only kid I know that will lick a tootsie pop all the way to the tootsie roll! She loves a sucker! I don't think my car will ever be the same after this trip!  It was covered in crumbs and just sticky all over! 

Brooks slept about five minutes the entire day.  I happened to catch his little nap on camera!  The poor guy just won't sleep in the car! 

We made it!  While B and I unloaded the car Ava dressed herself in the boys hat and her new Hello Kitty shoes! 

After we were settled we grabbed a quick dinner at Cowgirl kitchen! 

Their first time to put their feet in the sand!  I love this picture!  They were so excited about being at the beach! 

Ava and Kiki testing out the water!

Love this... and them.

These two too! 

My attempt at a group picture.  I'm surprised my phone didn't blow up while we were at the beach from all of the pictures I took.  

Little A!

I love this kid.  

He is the sweetest, funniest little guy! 

PJ Party!  The boys were so tired they went right to sleep in their room.  A decided she needed to sleep with Gigi. 

These three love some Gigi!

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