Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cellphone Pics

A few weeks ago Ava and I took a little girls trip and went to Monticello for the weekend to meet lots of new babies!  We  made a pit stop in Little Rock to have lunch with Lauren! 

Ava lunching with the ladies at Trios!

Lauren might be A's new favorite!  She got her strawberry shortcake and A literally ate every single bite! 

We had so much fun staying at the McMurry's and playing with Jack and Hayes! I felt like I was in High School again!  Ava loves baby Hayes.  She kept trying to hold him which was pretty funny because I think he is bigger than she is.  Olivia helped her and A finally got to hold baby Hayes!  She was so excited!

Ann, Olivia, Kelly and I went to dinner and Ava stayed and played on Baywood with her new friends! I think she had lots of fun! 

The Baywood Lane parade!  This reminded me of when I would dress Caroline up when she was little and make my dad drive us around the neighborhood in his convertible so Caroline could wave at the neighbors like a pageant queen! Ha 

Loving on Hayes Saturday morning!  Ms Robyn made us the yummiest breakfast.  I think Ava ate her weight in eggs and blueberry pancakes!  After breakfast Kelly picked us up on her golf cart and we took a little tour of Monticello! The rest of the day we hung out at Ann's house and played with babies! 

Feeding Hayes.  She is such a little mommy! 

Giving Hayes a little kiss!  

Taking a tv break with Jack.  Jack probably didn't know what to think about all of Ava's posing!  She is always ready to have her picture made! 

Saying hi to Viv!

Baywood reunion!

Ava and Andrew

We were around pools all weekend and every time we were A would strip down and jump in!  I think she saw Jack jump off the diving board and decided she could do it too! She climbed right up and I helped her jump! She is getting so big! 

Ava didn't make it out of Drew County before she passed out!  She was exhausted!  She played so hard with all of the babies!  We were going to stop in Little Rock but she was still asleep when we drove through so I just kept driving!  We were ready to get home and see the boys too! 

These two have always had a little thing for each other!  They are just the cutest!

Ava had a dry diaper the entire ride home from Monticello.  When we got home she sat on the potty and pee peed for the first time ever!  We are so proud of her!  She got two stickers for doing such a good job!   A girls weekend with the big girls was all she needed!
We had such a good time in Monticello and we were so excited to finally get to meet Ann's twins!  We are already planning our next reunion! 

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