Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday at the Beach

We decided to switch things up and start our day at the pool. The kids had a lot of fun swimming and playing on the steps of the pool! 

Snack break!

Swimming with daddy!

Serious swimmer!

My little fish!

Such a big girl!

Jumping to Gigi! 

Naptime with daddy so Kiki and I can go to the beach! 

For dinner we went to La Cocina for Mexican food and margaritas! 

There's a really important conversation going on here!

They would not sit still for a picture!  Oh well! 

Striking a pose for the camera!

I love when they hold hands!

Hold on A!

"Mama Cheese!"

Love this girl!

My baby boy!

After dinner we went to Aly's beach for a concert.  

Just laying down enjoying the music.

Family pic!  B took the boys to the concession stand and Brooks came back with a glow stick necklace and Knox picked popcorn.  Very typical! Ava just shared Knox's popcorn and one of the necklaces! 

Brooks stopped for a few minutes to have his picture made!

A little wrestling with his brother!  Who knows what they were fighting over! 

You can kind of see Knox in the background of this picture.  He literally ran around our blanket a hundred times!  I'm not sure where all of his energy comes from! At one point B and I estimated that he had ran at least 3 miles.  He had the time of his life!

I'll pretend they were about to hug but really I think there was about to be a throw down!
It was a fun night!  We love a concert in a park! 

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